Founded by Tatiana Rodgers, “Miss Rodgers’ Neighborhood” a 501(c)(3) organization was created with one simple premise….Community is Family. Anything that has ever been accomplished large or small hasn’t been done alone. Creating conscious communities filled with Solidarity and Love. We whop to imprint our culture on each and everyone we touch.

“Fill Your Mind with Truth, Your Heart with Love, and Your Life with Service.”-Thomas S. Monson



Welcoming everyone with open arms. Providing not just love but understanding, regardless of the situation.


Encouragement not just through words of promise but providing quality resources. Giving people an opportunity to earn a living, and be a healthy individual and provide for their families once again.


Being restored in both body and spirit. Allowing people to create a new path for themselves through a personal relationship with God and a village of mentors.


Small steps create larger journeys. Its important that we fill the community with Compassion, Hope, and Healing, creating leaders that will lead there community in activism, social reform, and entrepreneurship for those under and misrepresented.


Interested in collaborating with Miss Rodgers' Neighborhood?
Email us and let's GROW together. Same rules apply if you should find yourself in need this season, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know what Miss Rodgers' Neighborhood can do for YOU!
Sponsor A Pop Up Shop
An exclusive boutique providing full Wardrobes (including Shoes, Household Toiletries and School Supplies) for Men, Women and Children to numerous Homeless Communities and Housing Facilities throughout Southern California on a monthly basis, all via Donated Items from Friends and Family like YOU! Demand for Miss Rodgers’ Pop-Up Shop has come from various well known organizations such as LA Family Housing, Beacon Light Mission, Salvation
Looking for Opportunities to volunteer and serve Humanity near You? Well, thankfully there's more than enough Work to go around.
Corporate Support
We're passionate about Our Communities and LOVE what we do! Corporate Donors allow us to take Our Passions to new heights, and achieve what most can't even conceive. Your Support for Miss Rodgers' Neighborhood becomes a Blessing for all involved.